Self-Host No-code Static Website Builder

Deploy Flozy script to your server or hosting and start creating your functional static website effortlessly.

Drag-N-Drop Building Blocks

No coding skills required! Simply drag and drop elements to customize your page exactly as you envision it.

Easy To Use

Simple is better than complex. We think about every detail of the app design to make it look intuitive and easy to get started.

AI-Powered Content Creation

Generate captivating website content effortlessly with AI-powered text generation features. Input your preferences, and AI will create engaging text aligned with your vision. Say goodbye to the daunting task of writing; let AI do the work for you. No writing expertise is needed!

Automagically Mobile

Effortlessly create mobile-friendly websites with our website builder. Say goodbye to special actions or separate mobile versions - our builder ensures automatic adaptation, making your website mobile-friendly without any extra effort on your part.


Optimize your website for search engines to improve visibility and attract more organic traffic.

Code Editor

A powerful tool that enables you to edit and customize the code of your website, giving you the freedom to create a truly unique and tailored online presence.


Add dynamic and engaging effects to your website to enhance user experience.


Effortlessly integrate MailChimp, Google Analytics, YouTube, and Vimeo into your website.

Image sliders

Create visually appealing slideshows or carousels to showcase multiple images.

Static site

Build a fast-loading and easy-to-maintain website consisting of pre-rendered web pages.

Popup Image

Showcase your images in a visually engaging pop-up window for a closer and detailed view.

Popup Video

Embed videos in pop-up windows for visitors to watch without leaving the current page.

Simple and easy-to-use Admin panel

Add, edit, duplicate, rename and delete pages with ease.


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What is Flozy?

Flozy is a no-code website builder that allows you to create and design your entire website without the need for coding. You can upload the StaticBlocks website builder to your server or hosting and start building your website easily.

For whom is Flozy designed?

Flozy is designed for individuals or businesses who want to create a website but do not have coding skills or want to avoid the complexity of coding. It is suitable for anyone who wants to build a website quickly and easily without the need for technical knowledge or coding expertise.

Why Flozy?

Flozy is a user-friendly website builder that requires no coding. It offers drag-and-drop building blocks, mobile optimization, and SEO features. Your website is generated as a static HTML site, ensuring speed and security . By hosting the StaticBlocks scripts on your own hosting, you have full control over your website's environment . It provides unmatched flexibility and ease of use compared to similar platforms.

What are the requirements to install the flozy Script on my server/hosting?

To install the Flozy Script on your server/hosting, you'll need a domain, PHP-supported hosting/server, MySQL database,Pixabay API key for image integration, and OpenAI API key for AI text generation . These requirements will enable you to set up and use StaticBlocks for your website.

This website is built with Flozy,without writing any code

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